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Creative Direction

An Asset for any project with an End-To-End Vision


Harshad can solve a problem with a creative solution. Not only is he creative on multiple fronts but what takes the project on a higher level is his exposure working many industry verticals for the past 20 years.

His creative skills on many fronts including sketching, graphic design, web design, packaging design, photography, and film making give him a special ability to collaborate with multiple creative teams and direct them to achieve precise output for large complex projects.

His versatile knowledge in printing, fabrication, and use of various materials adds a lot of value while working on post-production or on-site installation.

He can envision a brand before even starting a project. He can provide precise project outlines and rapid sketches to help customers visualise the idea. This reduces the development time and results in faster approvals.


Creative Skills:

1. Visualising and conceptualising a brand idea

2. Sketching concepts

3. Planning and Directing the entire creative project

4. Creating Cross-Platform Content - Graphics, Web, Photo & Video

5. Planning, Directing or Conducting photography himself

6. Directing large Video Production for corporate movies, promos.

7. Packaging Design

8. Event Planning, Designing & Execution

GUI UI UX Development:

Special Experience in developing Graphical User Interface for complex engineering applications and ERPs.

Project Management Skills:

1. Creating Project Financials

2. Creating project proposals

3. Documenting project progress via PMS

4. Conducting Client Presentations

5. Managing budgets & funds

6. Managing internal marcom team

7. Managing local & international vendors, service providers

8. Manage and execute on-site project deployment

9. Plan & execute professional grade corporate events

10. Design and Manage exhibitions/trade shows

Software Skills:

1. Adobe platform

2. Final Cut Pro X

3. Corel Draw

Website, eCommerce
Creating and managing responsive websites

1. Wix

2. Wordpress
3. Shopify

Social Platforms:
Content strategy, creatives, hashtags & campaign management

1. Instagram, Facebook, Google

2. B2B Linkedin Campaigns, Blogs Articles, Network growth to key decision-makers.

Imaging Technologies:

1. Canon Full Frame Camera

2. Proficiency in using other professional 4K-8K cameras as well

3. Professional operating camera rigs, cranes and sliders

4. Cinematic Aerial photography and video shooting


GUI UI UX Development:

Special experience in developing Graphical User Interface for complex engineering applications,  ERPs and a range of touch controls.

Worked for renowned international brands.

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