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case study : BAKER GAUGES

Client: Baker Gauges

A Multinational Brand in Gauging Solutions


Services Provided

1. This was a large complex Project of Brand Repositioning and total 360 transformation.

2. Created ellborate techno-commercial content consisting of product description, features, schematics, models, tables covering over 200 products.

3. Created new comprehensive product catalogue as per international standards comprising of all products.

4. Created feature rich interactive product catalog with Branded DVDs.

5. Built new corporate website with better photography, online information of over 200 products.

6. Creating corporate movie building trust and conveying quality.

Old Marketing Collaterals

Old marketing collaterals consisted of only leaflets and lacked comprehensive technical information. These leaflets where totally lacking international & professional touch. They failed to translate Baker as a "Brand" in Gauging. These old leaflets were not conveying the precision and quality of their products. This was working against their vision for exports.


NEW Marketing Content with Cross-Platform Implementation

Over 200 product compiled in over 100 pages with streamlined highly technical content as per international standards. Products were systematically categories, photographed, their technical information was streamlined in descriptive, tabulated form and schematics. Independent layouts were designed based on the content delivery.


Each page of the corporate/technical catalog was given deep thought on how the collective information would look like before compiling. Over 7 prototype versions were made reaching the final results.


A responsive feature rich website with Content Management System was deployed hosting over 200 gauging products & solutions. The website was made consistent with the catalogue in terms of the presentation and product information.

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