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What is Branding ?

"Branding is an emotion. Its about telling your story of the big idea. The Whys and the Hows of your idea. Something which will initiate a dialogue with your audience."

"Branding is an emotion. Its about telling your story of the big idea. The "Whys" and the "Hows" of your idea. Something which will initiate a dialogue with your audience. May be an investor whom you are selling that idea or to a prospective buyer who is interested in buying your product."

"Branding" is not logo design, business cards, letterheads, websites or marketing collaterals. These constitute to merely designing a brand identity, which is just a visual representation of a brand, a thin slice of entire Branding process.

Also a lot of people confuse Advertising with Branding or sometimes feel they are the same. Well Branding is a continuous process and a brand strategy can determine what message needs to be conveyed to your target audience and in how many effective ways? 

On the other hand "Branding" is more how people "Perceive" your idea or your organisation. It's more on the lines of how they actually "Feel" about your idea? Moreover, it starts from how you feel about your own idea and your organisation. It is also how people within the organisation feel about the organisation, the owner and the audience they are interacting with.

So it depends on how the cohesive interaction is taking place between the organisation and their audience on various levels and touch points.

For example:

What comes to your mind first when we hear the word "Apple"?

I know most of us will not relate it to a fruit unless you are in 1980s.

Today, the Brand "Apple" holds a different meaning and a place in our lives.

It makes you first think of "Steve Jobs". The pioneering "futuristic work" they have been doing, in developing awesome phones and computers. The clean looking, snug-fit packaging they pioneered. We visualise the clean spotless Apple showrooms, with ambient lighting. Neatly displayed products on a wooden desks allowing you to feel and play with them. Friendly young sales executives in casual T-shirts. Whenever we see a white phone or an aluminium body on a computer, we think of "Apple". We consider "Apple" as not just radical thinker or innovators but they are also "Trend setters" in many ways.

Likewise, when we hear Tesla, we don't think of famous scientist "Nicole Tesla".

Currently, anyone relates it to an electric car company. We associate it with SpaceX and their rockets and Elon Musk.

Branding is like creating a strategy to create a memorable experience for your audience. And like creating a perfectly timed symphony of tapping the inner most senses of human brain such as sight, touch, hear, smell and taste. More often is goes even beyond these 5 senses on human interaction.


"Process of Branding is to subtly put a brand into your memory in such a manner that is so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyse or describe to be an effort. It is discreet in a way."


For example, when we smell Coffee we relate it to Starbucks. The aroma of coffee when we enter Starbucks is like a trademark of the brand. It is same everywhere. Even if you are travelling anywhere and you enter any Starbucks, you feel at home and welcomed. May be you relate it to your memorable cosy time with your friends at your home town, when you had hot coffee at Starbucks,  when it  first started to snow or rain that season.

I will give you another good example of telecom industry. It is very very competitive industry as you may be knowing. For them subscribers are like voting banks. More the subscribers, better the share value! 

These telecom giants often invest heavily into advertising. But what will happen if they have poor network or bad customer support? They are not resolving network or billing issues of their existing subscribers. What will happen then? Irrespective of good advertising and marketing effort, the brand will fail over a period of time. Harder they try to acquire new subscribers by advertising, harder they will hurt their existing unhappy subscribers. As if, they are reminding them to bad mouth their brand. This will in fact create an irreversible damage to their brand.

So all the aspects of any organisation does matter in creating a successful "Brand" and is not limited to creating a pretty logos with high recollection value, brochures, websites or even an awesome ad campaign.

At Virtuosity, we thoroughly study all the aspects of any organisation before developing their Brand.

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