Marketing & Branding


1. International Marketing & Representation of your brand
2. Participate and present your brand at exhibitions and events
3. Plan, Design and Execute International Exhibitions
4. Meet and conduct high profile meetings on your behalf with the key decision makers
5. Scouting and on-ground market analysis visiting markets in different regions
6. Creating reports of first hand experience about certain brand, products or services
7. Providing with regional legal, technical and commercial support required by a brand
8. Enabling soft launch of any product online on popular platforms
9. Creative Direction, Planning and Executing of any glamorous launch of any brand
10. Band Audit
During these toughest times of corona pandemic, sending company experts onsite may become difficult and challenging. That is when BrandGuruji can come to your rescue. With his professional team of experts in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific he can provide you with the local support needed for your brand at offshore locations where reaching can be inconvenient. 
Beside BrandGuru himself is accessible to travel to most Asian countries including India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and even UAE.
International support available in USA, UK, Spain, Germany, UK, Japan for your brand.