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The Art of Creating Your Personal Brand

In the ever-evolving landscape of competition, opportunities are expanding in tandem. To all the Subject Matter Experts, Self-Employed Professionals, and Job Seekers with over a decade of experience, are you tapping into the full potential? This article is your guide if you're aiming to elevate your career to new heights or unearth the next groundbreaking project. If you hail from the management, engineering, or technology background in any vertical, this is tailor-made article for you.
Branding veteran Harshad Jahagirdar

There's an undeniable truth – as the industry experts we've become, can we truly harness the tide of opportunities? This piece is dedicated to those with a wealth of experience, those who've grinded for a decade and more. For those who yearn to ascend their career ladders or seize the grandest project prospects. If your forte lies in management, engineering, or technology, regardless of the vertical, this is your space.

The struggles of experienced subject matter experts seeking the next leap, the elusive project, is apparent. The cause is clear: today's recruiters and clients are probing beyond the confines of ATS-compliant CVs. The arena isn't restricted to C-Level executives or the self-employed; even enterprising entrepreneurs are embracing the need for an extensive online footprint to amplify networks and germinate fresh business concepts.

While the realm of personal branding is often championed by social media influencers or celebrated celebrities, a significant cohort remains on the sidelines – the Subject Matter Experts. The management advisors, engineers of myriad stripes, IT virtuosos, architects, doctors, chefs, and designers – their stories often stay untold.

I present my journey in constructing a Professional Personal Brand, a compass that's guided me for over two decades.

The evolution of, my digital haven, stands as a testament to the potency of the online realm. I embarked on this journey in 2000, foreseeing the digital imperative. I staked my claim, crafting a personal website that has blossomed with time.

Websites and social media are not merely platforms; they are canvases for storytelling. The challenge, however, lies in concocting content that weaves a personal narrative for your intended audience.

Today, I'm thrilled to share personal insights gleaned from my voyage. Insights that may guide you in sculpting your content and sharing your professional narrative:
  • Embrace Your Significance: With a consistent presence in your domain for over a decade, you're not just an expert; you're a star in your own right. Don't hold back; overthinking stifles creativity and curtails opportunity.

  • Quality Over Quantity: Personal websites crafted for branding often miss the mark due to lackluster content – a smattering of pictures and videos. For professionals in engineering, technology, or management, your content should encompass your skills and resonant case studies highlighting their positive impact. Authentic content creation is a learned art, attainable through practice.

  • Distinguish Expertise from Influence: If you're a subject matter expert, direct your energy towards presenting work creatively on professional networks, rather than indulging personal musings on personal platforms.

  • Consistency is Key: Building a personal brand transcends the one-pager or CV; it's an ongoing narrative, weaving stories of projects, skills, case studies, and testimonials.

  • Patience: Creating your Personal Brand is like crafting your own masterpiece with yourself as the subject. Be patient while gathering information, creating meaningful content, and sharing it on your website or social media. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day! When you explore my website and delve into the case studies, you'll discover the extensive time I invested in curating photos, videos, graphics, client testimonials, behind-the-scenes content, and more. People appreciate my website, yet they might not realize the 20-year journey it took to consistently build it. Here is one such example and you will see many more on my website.

  • Invest in Your Legacy: Consider your personal brand as your biography, your legacy. To secure results, invest in yourself. Hire photographers, videographers, and web designers who've mastered their craft. Look for those who've walked this path successfully.

Should you find resonance with the journey I've embarked upon, encapsulated at, I invite you to explore further.

Book an appointment and let's chart a course towards your own branding odyssey:

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